Supertech (India) Electric Vehicles
Supertech (India) Electric Vehicles
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Why Us?

21 Reasons to select G – Star

1. World-class Quality Controls – Working for the last 50 years on Luxury integral Coaches & a decade of collateral experience with Mercedes Benz made the company Quality Controls so strict that we don’t compromise with quality & selection of components. Our Zero Tolerance in Quality Controls makes it a hassle free zero emission vehicle & a long lasting relation with customers.

2. Galvanized A – Frame Chassis – We designed an A – Frame Automotive struts technology chassis, which is 25% lighter and 3 times stronger than any other Indian Made Golf Cart Chassis. For Rust Protection after Galvanizing.

3. Sygnotron Built SMPS Intelligent Charger – Sygnotron is Pune Based manufacturer of Control Units & Chargers that designs and builds chargers for us. It's compact and light (12lbs), uses less power out of the wall, and doesn't hum. Its solid state Field Effect Transistor (FET) design is completely electronic, not transformer-based like traditional chargers.

4. Low Cost Ownership – The G - Star offers the lowest maintenance costs in the industry with a quality product.

5. Durable FRP Body Panels - Our panels are made of ergonomic designed FRP with durability & Repairable in any case of accidental Damages. They lock together and mount with fewer mounting points for better removability; they're painted with a two part topcoat of high luster, automotive grade American paint that's color matched to the body panel; and they have twice the protection and fade resistance.

6. World-class automotive Geometries - Every part of Golf cart from dash board to the accelerator & Brake pedals, from the steering wheel to the armrests, from body Panels to Canopy , from the seat to the top is designed to provide optimum comfort and ease of use.

7. Maximum Sitting & Legs Space - Largest & Most Cushioned Seat in its Segment, Best window of entry and exit. Best leg space in the industry. Best foot space, rear body to pedal. Inclined steering height and position made it comfortable to get in & out. Lowered seat height and position. Improved headroom.

8. Easy to Diagnose & Trouble Shoot - A Programmer is used for communication with The Curtis (American) motor control unit. This Programmer has various profiles with suitable Torque’s & RPM’s to match different course and terrain. It stores and displays vehicle data such as AMP hours, MCU serial numbers, as well as diagnostic and troubleshooting information, helping to get easy & quick Diagnose with trouble shooting the fault while minimizing the Break Down Time Period. It enables customization of the speed and regenerative braking.

9. Most Powerful 48 Volt AC Electric Motor – Our AC motor is high powerful , highly efficient, whisper quiet, and generates 6 horsepower, which beats anyone else's in this segment! Its internal components are nickel-plated and stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

10. Tough Transaxle for Indian Roads – This Transaxle is Designed & made by Italian Company – GRAZIANO . The cast-aluminum transaxle case is designed with integrated impact protection. Its Hardened & Grinded Gears makes it Noiseless & lifetime gear transmissions for a Zero Emission Electric vehicle.

11. Superior Quality Parts –
We are using the Best Driveline in its segment with AC Motor – Controller system which makes it the mentainance free, most responsive, highly smooth & extremely powerful electric sports vehicle in its segment.

12. Regenerative Breaking System -
If the parking brake is not properly engaged, the cart will slowly inch its way downhill while it sounds an audible alarm to notify you and let you catch it.